May 31, 2023
William Robert Obituary, Retired Detective Sergeant has died - Death

William Robert Obituary, Retired Detective Sergeant has died – Death

William Robert Death, Obituary – Detective Sergeant William (Bill) Robert BAKER #4995, who had already handed in his resignation from the police department, passed away on January 11, 2023. It is with the deepest regret that We must inform you of this news. His departure has resulted in a significant amount of anguish for me. On November 4, 1974, Bill reported at the Killaloe Detachment of the Ontario Provincial Police in order to start his shift there. This was his first day working at this location. This occasion marked the beginning of his extensive and fruitful career as a professional musician. On September 16, 1985, after having worked at the Kaladar Detachment and having been assigned to work there, Bill was transferred to that site.

The following day, on May 19, 1987, he was sent to the Madoc Detachment, where he remained until the day he was released from custody. On November 18, 1996, Bill was promoted to the position of Detective Sergeant and advanced one rank, all of which occurred on the same day. That same day, he also received an assignment to the East Region Crime Unit. Bill had a total of 28 years of service with the Ontario Provincial Police when he finally decided to call it quits on December 31, 2002 and resign from the force.

When Detective Sergeant Bill Baker passed away at the age of 72, he had been retired for twenty years at the time of his demise. He had been a detective for forty years. Already, he has devoted a substantial portion of his time and energy to serving with the local police department. We would like to express my deepest condolences to the Baker family on behalf of myself, the rest of the Baker family, and all of the friends of the Baker family. We have faith that each of you will finally be able to locate some peace inside yourselves.