May 31, 2023
Wade Tittemore Obituary

Wade Tittemore Obituary – Death, Canadian Police Dies In Fatal Avalanche Accident

 Wade Tittemore Death, Obituary – On Monday, it was made known to the general public that two off-duty police officers were involved in a fatal avalanche that took place close to Kaslo. The avalanche took place on Saturday. Sunday was the day that the event took place. At long last, it was feasible to determine who the police officers were. When the incident took place, both of the police officers were away from the station enjoying their vacations. Neither of them saw what happened. The occurrence took occurred on a Monday, which was the first day of the week and also the day of the week chosen as the day of the event.

When Constable Wade Tittemore was backcountry skiing around 60 kilometers to the north of Nelson, an avalanche took his life and claimed him as a victim. When the avalanche occurred, it buried him under the snow, and he was never found. The avalanche was the direct contributor to his decline and subsequent passing away. Tittemore served as an officer with the Nelson Police Department (NDP), which has its headquarters in the city of Nelson, which is located in the British Columbia region of the country of Canada.

Tittemore worked with the NDP as a member of its police force. Constable Mathieu Nolet, age 28, who was riding with the victim and was the only person to escape the incident, is currently in bad condition owing to internal injuries as well as shattered ribs. Although he was the only person to escape the incident, he was riding with the victim. In spite of the fact that he was the only person to survive the incident, he was the sole passenger in the vehicle that the victim was in. The victim, who had been ejected from the vehicle, was pronounced dead at the scene of the accident. He had been 43 years old. The other passenger, a male who was 43 years old at the time of the accident, did not survive the collision as a direct result of the event that took place.

According to a statement that was released by the City of Nelson, prior to beginning employment for the City of Nelson, Tittemore had a combined total of four years of experience working for the Nelson Police Department. This information was provided by the City of Nelson. Prior to then, he had already chalked up a combined total of eleven years of service with the Calgary Police Service. Tittemore’s tenure with the Nelson Police Department began in 2014 when he was hired on as an officer by that agency. This marked the beginning of his time spent working there. His wife and their two children, both of whom were born into his own family, are the only members of his direct family to survive him. Both of his children were born into his own family. Both of his sons were welcomed into the family that he had established by the time they were born.