October 1, 2023
Valerie June Grainger Obituary - Death, 77Years Old Valerie June Grainger has Died

Valerie June Grainger Obituary – Death, 77Years Old Valerie June Grainger has Died

Valerie June Grainger Death, Obituary – Mrs. Valerie June Grainger, who lived in Hasland, Tennessee, had a long and fruitful life. She lived to the age of 77 before passing away quietly in the comfort of her own home while she was napping. Mrs. Valerie June Grainger’s legacy will be one of longevity and accomplishment. The memorial service for Mrs. Grainger was held in Hasland, which is located in Tennessee.

Valerie was born in Chesterfield, but her family relocated to Hasland not long after her marriage in 1965. This took place not long after her marriage. This took place not too much longer after her parents relocated there as well. 1965 was the year that the move finally went through. The questionable occurrence took place not all that much longer after that year. Valerie and her husband made the decision to move in together as soon as they had arrived at their destination.

She began her career by obtaining employment in a few of the nearby factories before making the transition into the hospitality industry. After gaining some experience in the manufacturing sector first, she started her career in the hospitality industry. There, she worked in a variety of establishments, including restaurants, such as the Grosvenor Buffet and the Silver Service at the Odeon Restaurant. She also worked in the Directors Dining Room at Tube Investments, the Staff Dining Room at British Coal (Mill Lane), and most recently, the AGD Future Walk.

She had an unbounded capacity for kindness, a profound love for all creatures great and small, a passion for travel, and a fascination with finding new places to explore. She was a remarkable woman. She was an extraordinary human being. She was a remarkable example of the human race. Valerie leaves her husband David Grainger. On Thursday, January 19, at 14:30, her cremation is scheduled to take place at the Chesterfield Crematorium. The funeral service for her will take place earlier on that day. After her passing, the memorial service that was planned for her will take place earlier in the same day.