May 31, 2023
Tyler Scheetz Obituary, 1 Dead In Chapman University CAL Car Accident - Death

Tyler Scheetz Obituary, 1 Dead In Chapman University CAL Car Accident – Death

Tyler Scheetz Obituary, Death – Tyler Scheetz, who was 19 years old when he passed away on January 8, 2023, had been battling cancer for some years. On March 4, 2003, in the city of Teaneck, New Jersey, Kevin Scheetz and Christine Augulis became parents for the first time to their son Tyler. Following a period of time spent establishing roots in Upper Saddle River, New Jersey, the family ultimately made the decision in 2007 to relocate to Atherton, which is located in the state of California.

At St. Francis High School, where he competed in volleyball, soccer, and cross country, Tyler earned his high school graduation in May of 2021. During his time there, he also played the sport of soccer. It was also the place where he had his very first encounter with Elly Lowy, the lady who would go on to become his girlfriend in the years to come. They both came to the conclusion that the next step for them would be to enroll in classes at Chapman University when they graduated from high school.

Tyler had progressed to the second year of his degree at the School of Communications and was currently a student there. As part of his goal to become a successful creative writer, Tyler enrolled in a writing program at Columbia University while he was a senior in high school. This was one step he took toward achieving this goal. He was able to get an editorial item published in the most recent issue of The Panther, which is the student newspaper that is published by Chapman University.

As a result of this success, he felt an overwhelming sense of happiness. His love of the great outdoors led him to participate in a variety of outdoor pursuits, including surfing, hiking, and fishing. Tyler is survived by his mother Christine C. Augulis, his father Kevin B. Scheetz and his wife Christine, his brother Tristan Scheetz, and step siblings, Alex and Jack Murad, his maternal grandmother Carol Augulis and his paternal grandmother Patricia Scheetz.

His aunts and uncles Thomas Scheetz and Kathryn Decker, Karen and Scott Zappetti, Kim and Rich Nagurka, and Jenn and Chad Augulis, and his cousins Helen Ann, Thomas, Katherine, and Sophia (“Elly Belly”). At this moment, the Cusimano Family Colonial Mortuary in Mountain View, California is tasked with the responsibility of completing the required arrangements for the burial service.