June 2, 2023
TR West Obituary - Death, Former Of North Manchester Has Died

TR West Obituary – Death, Former Of North Manchester Has Died

TR West Death, Obituary – Terry R. “TR” West Jr., 58, of Warsaw, had been a resident of North Manchester previously. He passed away suddenly on January 8, 2023. TR West was born on March 24, 1964 in the city of San Diego, California. He is the son of Terry West and Marilyn (Quinn) West. After completing his high school education at Manchester High School, TR entered the workforce and found employment with Eaton/Controls, where he remained for a period of 12 years.  After that, he found employment at the Dalton Foundry in Warsaw, where he remained for a total of 28 years.

Two years ago, he began working for Zimmer-Biomet, which he refers to as his “retirement job.” On June 22, 1985, TR wed the woman who would become his lifelong companion, Sharon Prater. During the 37 years that they were married, they were given the gift of many wonderful memories, as well as a daughter named Whitney and three grandkids who they cherished very much. TR was a prankster with a fantastic sense of humour, which was a talent he gave to his daughter and which she inherited from him. He cherished his loved ones and did everything in his power to provide for them with the best life he could.

TR was a workaholic who did not take any vacations, which enabled him to give his family a wonderful life and provide for them. He was a committed partner and father to his family. During the winter months, TR looked forward to watching basketball games played at Indiana University and hockey games played by the Fort Wayne Komets. Throughout the rest of the year, he had a lot of fun being outside and participating in activities such as playing poker, disc golf, and riding his Harley Davidson motorcycle across the countryside with his buddies.

Additionally, TR took a lot of interest in keeping the grass in pristine condition. It was important that the stripes in his yard were perfect, thus there should not have been any leaves on the grass.