September 30, 2023
Todd Berube Obituary - Death, Todd Berube Litchfield Firefighter / Paramedic has Died

Todd Berube Obituary – Death, Todd Berube Litchfield Firefighter / Paramedic has Died

Todd Berube Death, Obituary –  The passing of Active Litchfield has been broken the news to the members of Litchfield Fire Rescue by Interim Fire Chief Doug Nicoll and the other members of Litchfield Fire Rescue. Litchfield Fire Rescue was made aware of this information thanks to a member of the public. This announcement is being made with the greatest and most sincere sense of regret and heaviness of heart that is humanly possible. Todd Berube, a member of the fire department and an emergency medical technician, is on call around the clock.

Yesterday evening, on January 9, 2023, Firefighter Berube was involved in an accident that took place in the Town of Hudson. The accident took place while Firefighter Berube was riding his motorcycle. The accident left him with injuries that ultimately proved to be fatal for him. As a result of those injuries, he passed away.
Up until very recently, Firefighter Berube served as the Training Officer for the Litchfield Fire Rescue Department. Since then, he has moved on to taking on new responsibilities.

During the three years that Firefighter Berube was a member of the Litchfield Fire Department, he devoted countless hours of his time to ensuring that his fellow firefighters received the highest quality training that was available. Berube, a volunteer with the Litchfield Fire Department, was honored with the “Firefighter of the Year Award” in 2021.

This award was presented to Berube for his outstanding service to the community. The level of dedication that Todd had for the department is demonstrated by the fact that he frequently covered full-time shifts in the event of vacations, meetings, or as a third man. The fact that Todd passed away is a devastating blow to the company because he was someone who many of the employees in the department admired. As a result, his death is a significant loss for the company.