September 29, 2023
Thomas Morecroft Obituary- Death, Resident Of Walshe Hull Massachusetts Has Died

Thomas Morecroft Obituary- Death, Resident Of Walshe Hull Massachusetts Has Died

Thomas Morecroft Obituary, Death – He was born in Hartford, Connecticut, and his parents are David Moorcroft and Elaine (Harrison) Moorcroft. He grew up in Connecticut. He was employed as a machinist at General Cable in Willimantic for a significant portion of his adult life. He received his diploma from the East Catholic High School in Manchester, which is located in the city of Manchester. Tom was a straightforward man who valued his family above all other aspects of his life. His wife and children were his top priority. He devoted every moment of his life to the task of bringing up his children and grandchildren, and he found immense fulfillment in the quality time he was able to spend with his family.

He was kind, compassionate, and patient, and possessed a great degree of patience in addition to his magnificent soul. Those who are left behind after his death include his girlfriend Kelly Moorcroft of Columbia, the couple’s daughter Danielle Moorcroft and her fiance Jose Santos of Columbia, and the couple’s son David Moorcroft and his fiancee Marree Miceli of East Hartford. His girlfriend Kelly Moorcroft was from Columbia. Moorcroft was the family name he gave to all of his cherished grandchildren, including Xavier Santos, Colton, Jameson, and Adalyn Moorcroft.

His parents are David Moorcroft and Elaine (Harrison) Moorcroft, who were both born and raised in Glastonbury. His siblings are as follows: William Moorcroft and his wife Joyce, who reside in Hebron; Charles Moorcroft, who resides in Wellington, Florida; Christopher Moorcroft, who resides in Ridgeland, Mississippi; Cynthia Moorcroft and her husband Cynthia, who reside in Albany, New York; and Sister Elaine, who is an educator at St. John’s school in Old Saybrook. Bruce and Carol Warfield of Scotland, Frank and Frances Warfield of Columbia, and Tammy Balon of Enfield are members of his wife’s family.

in addition to additional relatives and friends from further back in the family tree, such as cousins, aunts, uncles, nieces, nephews, and other relatives and friends.