September 30, 2023
Tausha Haight Obituary, Enoch UT - Death, Tausha Haight Has Died

Tausha Haight Obituary, Enoch UT – Death, Tausha Haight Has Died

Tausha Haight Obituary, Death – After looking through all of my photographs, I was disappointed to find that there were none that adequately captured the hours I had spent with Tausha Haight. Then I came to the conclusion that the times we spent together were more like events that took place “in between the images.” There were the countless miles we walked together pacing in front of her house because we had so many kids that we decided to stay home and let kids play just so we could see each other. There were also the hundreds of minutes we stood at each other’s entryways, trying to make a quick stop by but always chatting longer than planned.

Random phone calls made when you wanted to just chat it out since life had become too much to handle. Sacred moments that we all experienced together while serving in the church. The practice of debriefing after long meetings and continually looking for the positive aspects of each other’s lives. Text messages full of hilarious memes related to motherhood are exchanged. Messages of encouragement that we came across and felt the other person could benefit from reading. I might as well continue. Our friendship was more of the spur-of-the-moment variety, in which we would make the effort to be there for one another whenever we had the chance.

The act of taking pictures was not a part of those particular moments; however, as I look through the photographs, I notice that some of them were taken on the day that I departed for a trip; however, I recall that Tausha and I went for a walk that morning, and she congratulated me on the fact that I was going on a break, and she promised to text me when I got back to inquire about how everything went.

There are no images of the timed tausha encouraging me to keep going and checking in to see how I’m doing, and she wanted to hear about my dull homework and would listen as I panicked about tests. However, there are pictures of me in school doing all the things as a student and as a mom. These moments that occur in between photo shoots are ones that I will always treasure. We adored each other, and I know that feeling will never end. Tausha, I love you so much. I shall miss the moments we shared in between taking shots.