September 30, 2023
Tamara Brawner Obituary - Death, A Reality TV blogger has passed away

Tamara Brawner Obituary – Death, A Reality TV blogger has passed away

Tamara Brawner Obituary, Death –  I am deeply saddened to inform you of the passing of Tamara Kay “Tamara Tattles” Brawner. JustJenn, one of Tamara’s dearest and most reliable friends, wrote early this morning (Monday, January 9) on Tamara’s blog the news that Tamara’s niece had called her late on Sunday night to tell her the unfortunate news. Many people are going to miss having Tamara around. Since late December, Tamara had been a patient at the medical facility, where she had company and was free from discomfort. She is reunited with Banjo, her much-loved dog, who passed away in April of last year.

At this time, there is no more information that can be provided. Tamara was noted for her ability to develop a close-knit and caring online community. She was known for being more than simply a feisty and occasionally sarcastic recapper. During the pandemic, many people who had been living their lives in isolation discovered a place to belong — a safe haven — where they could interact with others over topics both serious and frivolous. She made us laugh, cry, and occasionally get angry — at “bravolebrities,” at each other, and even at TT. She made us laugh at “bravolebrities,” at each other, and even at TT. Should you succeed in making her really irate, you will be sent to the infamous “Window Licking Section” (WLS), sometimes permanently. Le sigh!

Everyone, including those who have been permanently banished to WLS (like me!) and those who have never commented before (first-time comments go via moderation, which is currently shut), is welcome to contribute their ideas and emotions in this space. To pay honor to Tamara’s Commenting Rules, any comments that contain verbal abuse or name-calling directed toward other posters will be deleted. The “c-word” may be used, but statements that are racist or hateful toward any group are not permitted. In the event that you are moved to do so, I am certain that Tamara would be grateful for any contributions made in her memory to the nonprofit organization run by Chef José Andrés known as the World Central Kitchen (wck dot org). She frequently made reference to the fact that she was going to leave EVERYTHING, including the “Ghetto Shack,” to the WCK!

Keep an eye on the comments made on her most recent article at Tamara Tattles for upcoming information, including suggestions on how the “Tattlers” group might be maintained. (It says “snowpocalypse” with a picture of the Queen Elizabeth II.) ~ Nanette (one last time!) Thursday at one o’clock in the afternoon, services for Tamara will be held at the Mayes-Ward funeral home (180 Church St, Marietta, GA 30060) Her funeral will take place at two o’clock immediately after. She is going to be laid to rest in a family plot alongside her mother, father, and sister after her passing.