October 1, 2023
Summer Yearby Obituary - Death, Summer Yearby Has Passed Away

Summer Yearby Obituary – Death, Summer Yearby Has Passed Away

Summer Yearby Death, Obituary – An accident took place on Tuesday morning in Lowndes County, and the victim of the accident was a lady who was in her forties. Unfortunately, the woman’s injuries proved fatal, and she passed away as a result of her injuries. The crash took place on Casey Lane, which is located in the New Hope section of the community. According to the results of the investigation that was conducted by the Lowndes County Coroner Greg Merchant, Summer Yearby was determined to be the individual who passed away as a consequence of the circumstances surrounding their death.

At the time of the occurrence, it was reported to the coroner that Yearby was a passenger in a car that was traveling in the direction of the north. According to the statements made by the coroner, it was alleged that Yearby was driving the vehicle. The driver of the automobile was said to have lost control of the vehicle, which led to the car veering off the road and hitting with a tree as a result of the accident. It was stated that the driver of the car had lost control of the vehicle. Merchant has kindly supplied us with the aforementioned information.

After traveling to the location, it was found that Yearby had departed from our world at some point in the very distant past. The driver of the vehicle was taken to the hospital by ambulance to receive treatment for injuries that were not regarded to be immediately life-threatening at the time of the accident.