September 30, 2023
Sharon Macdonald Obituary, Sharon Macdonald has passed away - Death

Sharon Macdonald Obituary, Sharon Macdonald has passed away – Death

Sharon Macdonald Death, Obituary – The news of the passing of our dear friend Sharon Macdonald, who can be seen in the middle of this picture taken during the Alice Springs Masters Games Softball Tournament in the year 1996, was delivered to us with a heavy heart. In the picture, she is playing in the tournament. This photograph was taken at the Alice Springs Masters Games Softball Tournament and uploaded on the tournament’s official website. Sharon and her husband Luke, who is a plumber, made the decision to move to the city of York in the state of Western Australia after she had established a fruitful career in the field of telecommunications while working for Telstra in Alice Springs.

Sharon was working for Telstra at the time. Sharon, Luke, and one of Sharon’s other sisters initially invested in a portion of the York Post Office many years ago, and to this day, the three of them continue to operate it as a successful business in collaboration with another of Sharon’s sisters. The year that the couple moved to the state of Washington was the same year that they brought their first child into the world. Thomas was born in the year that they moved there.

Sharon passed away in a quiet and peaceful manner on December 15, 2022, when she was a patient at Perth Hospital. Her passing occurred on that day. The time of her passing coincided with a period in which she was present. That particular day was the one on which she passed away. Encouragement and assistance were always available to her from her loving family whenever she needed it. We want her loving husband Luke, her treasured son Thomas, and the rest of her sisters and extended family to know that we are thinking of them and expressing our condolences and best wishes to them at this difficult time. It is our sincere wish that the knowledge that they are in our thoughts may bring them some measure of solace.