June 1, 2023
Serena Prest Obituary, Upper Slaughter ENG - Death, Owner of Cotswolds mansion voted England's favourite house has died

Serena Prest Obituary, Upper Slaughter ENG – Death, Owner of Cotswolds mansion voted England’s favourite house has died

Serena Prest Obituary, Death – An inquest heard that a horseriding accident had a “awful effect” on the life of a mother of three who owned a home in the Cotswolds that had previously been ranked as England’s favorite residence. The woman passed away as a result of her injuries sustained in the accident. The woman was unable to recover from the injuries she incurred in the accident and consequently passed away. After the untimely death of the woman, an investigation was conducted into what caused her death. The horrible event transpired during the time that the woman was away from her house riding her horse.

On the morning of June 6, one year prior, the man who was married to the deceased woman, Rupert Prest, was the one who discovered the dead body of Serena Prest in the garden of Eyeford House in Upper Slaughter, Gloucestershire. Eyeford House is located in the town of Upper Slaughter. Since June of the previous year, the body had been in that location. Serena Prest was 56 years old when she left her position at the time of her departure. [Further citation is required]

After conducting the investigation, Roland Wooderson, who works as an assistant for the county coroner, was the one who wrote down the conclusion that the death was the result of suicide. In 2011, the home of Mrs. Prest was chosen as the panel of judges’ favorite house in England. The panel of judges included Lord Julian Fellowes, the creator of “Downton Abbey,” as well as the CEO of a ceramics company, Emma Bridgewater, the businesswoman and socialite Viscountess Annabel Astor, and Charlie Brooks. The honor of “England’s Favorite House” was bestowed upon the residence that Mrs. Prest maintains. On the panel were also several additional participants, including Charlie Brooks and the chief executive officer of a company that specializes in ceramics.