May 28, 2023
Semaj Richardson Obituary

Semaj Richardson Obituary – Death, 16-Year-Old Boy Shot And Killed In Tioga-Nicetown

Semaj Richardson Obituary, Death – The boy who was shot and murdered on Wednesday evening in the Tioga-Nicetown district of Philadelphia has been named by the city’s police department. At approximately 5:30 in the evening, police were dispatched to the 1400 block of West Erie Avenue in response to a complaint of gunfire in the area. When they arrived, they discovered that Semaj Richardson, who was 16 years old, had been shot in the torso. After being transported there by the police, he was pronounced dead at 5:53 p.m. at Temple University Hospital. Richardson’s home was located on the 3700 block of North 17th Street, which is only a few short blocks from from the location where the incident took place.

According to the police, the gunmen emerged from the convenience store, looked in Richardson’s direction, and then promptly began firing their weapons after doing so. Before being too exhausted to continue, Richardson was able to run for a short distance. The police are looking into whether or not this homicide is connected to a gunshot that occurred earlier this week near the same area but did not result in any fatalities. Rahsheedah Carter, a resident of North Philadelphia, heard the bullets and ran in the direction they were coming from. I just overheard him yelling “Help, help,” and when I rushed over to where he was, he told me that he had been shot “said Carter.

After seeing Richardson unconscious and slumped at West Erie and Carlisle, Carter stated that she made multiple calls to 911. She also mentioned that neighbors started calling before she could get through. They did not pick up the phone when it was called. I kept ringing, but no one picked up the phone, so I just started yelling, and then I went into shock and started freaking out because I wanted him to receive help as soon as possible “It was stated by Carter. Pleasant smile, hearty laugh, and “Carter provided a description of the juvenile victim. It is far more difficult to deal with when it is someone you know rather than simply hearing about it on the news or reading about it in the newspaper.