May 28, 2023
Sebastian Trimble Obituary, Sumner Iowa, has died - Death

Sebastian Trimble Obituary, Sumner Iowa, has died – Death

Sebastian Trimble Obituary, Death – On Thursday, January 13, 2023, Sebastian Trimble, who had reached the age of 66 and had spent his whole life in the city of Port Deposit, Maryland, passed away. He had lived there for the entirety of his life. Sebastian had lived in the city for the all of his life. On December 24th, he took his last breath and departed this world after a long and fruitful life.

She was born in Elkton, Maryland, on April 24, 1954, and she lived there for the first 24 hours of her life after she was born there. Both of her parents had already passed away before she was born, so neither of them was there to see her come into the world. Both of her parents, Goldie Grubb Evans and Thomas Evans, have passed away. Both of her parents have passed away. Neither one of them lived to see their daughter reach adulthood before they passed away. Her father was the first family member to leave this world.

Reading was still one of her favorite things to do in her spare time, in spite of the fact that she was a woman and a mother. In point of fact, she included that among her all-time favorite activities. She was a mother who treasured the time she was able to spend with her family so much that she chose not to seek job outside the home so that she could take care of her kids at home.

Mrs. Trimble is survived by her husband of 23 years, Charles Trimble, Jr.; children Rod Rosenwirth, who resides in South Bend, Indiana; Sebastian Trimble, who resides in Port Deposit, Maryland; and Charles Trimble, who resides in Delaware; siblings Nancy Chadwick, who resides in Elkton, Maryland; Darlene Entrekin, who resides in Union, Mississippi; and Dave Evans, who resides in Rising Sun, Maryland; and four grandchildren. Mrs. Trimble passed away on The passing of Mrs. Trimble occurred on It was on that day that Mrs. Trimble passed away. Mrs. Trimble had gone away earlier in the day on that particular day.