October 1, 2023
Sean Daly Obituary, Sean Daly has passed away - Death

Sean Daly Obituary, Sean Daly has passed away – Death

Sean Daly Death, Obituary – The passing of our former player Sean “Dingle” Daly has left the Club in a state of profound melancholy as a direct consequence of his passing. This morning, we found out that he had passed away, and as a result, our hearts are overwhelmed with tremendous anguish over his passing away. This morning, we were informed of his passing away by the newspaper. Dingle received a great deal of acclaim from people all over the island as a consequence of his remarkable performance on the football field while playing for Harps and Armagh.

This recognition came as a direct result of his outstanding performance. Praise and acclaim were the vehicles via which this acknowledgment was conveyed. In 1977, he was a vital part of the team that went on to compete in the All Ireland final and come out on top, gaining them the right to call themselves champions of All Ireland. As a result of their success, they were given this title. Our deepest condolences go out to his daughters, Nichola, Shauna, and Louise, as well as his sons, John (“Dingle” Junior, who is currently playing goalkeeper for our Senior squad), and Connor.

John is currently playing goalkeeper for our Senior squad. John is now serving as our Senior team’s goalkeeper for this season. John has taken over the role of goalie for our Senior team for the remainder of this season. John will be playing goaltender for our Senior squad for the balance of the season after he was promoted to the position. We would want to express our sympathies not only to the members of his immediate family, but also to each and every one of his many friends who have been left heartbroken by his passing. We know that his passing has left a void in all of their lives.