May 31, 2023
Seamus Begley Obituary, Musician - Death, An Irish Accordion Player has passed away

Seamus Begley Obituary, Musician – Death, An Irish Accordion Player has passed away

Seamus Begley Obituary, Death –  Seamus Begley is an Irish accordionist who hails from the Gaeltacht (Irish-speaking region) town of Dingle, which is located in County Kerry. Begley considers music to be more of a hobby than anything else at this point in his life. “It derives from the well-known dictum that the sole purpose of music is to be enjoyed by its listeners. After dropping out of school at the age of 12, his musical abilities led to him performing at local ceilithe lounges. Seamus Begley is, in all likelihood, a married man. In any event, there is very little information available concerning his better half or their married life. The accordionist is still unable to discuss the circumstances surrounding how he met his future wife as well as the time and place of their wedding. In spite of this, the Irish Times reports that he does, in fact, have a family that consists of three boys and a young girl. Because Begley is a serious and private person, he has never discussed his relationship with his better half. Seamus Begley is an accomplished accordionist in his own right. On Wikipedia, a page devoted to authoritative figures includes information about him.

Begley is native to Ballydavid, a region in Dingle known for its Gaelic-speaking population. His father is Bhreandáin Bheaglaoich, who is known in the community as an accordionist (Brendan Begley Sr). Early on in life, Seamus demonstrated a talent for playing music, and by the time he was fourteen years old, he was performing on the accordion alongside local musicians. Additionally, he performs as a vocalist in the band. In 1972, he made his debut album, which he recorded in close proximity to his sister Máire. In the years leading up to his return to County Kerry in 1976, Seamus made his home in Chicago, Illinois, where he also worked as a transporter. After that, he collaborated on a series with an Australian craftsman by the name of Stephen Cooney.

In addition to that, he performs at this time as a part of a pair with guitarist Jim Murray. Macroom is Jim’s hometown, and he hails from West Cork. Seamus Begley, the accordionist, has a brother named Brendan Begley who is significantly younger. Brendan Begley is an Irish people performer from County Kerry who specializes in traditional music and plays the accordion. His background is in traditional music. Both Seana and We Won’t Go Home Until Morning feature Liam O’Flynn on the uilleann pipes, demonstrating his abilities. Seana was released in 1987, and We Won’t Go Home Until Morning was released in 1988.

In addition, Brendan has performed on accounts with The Chieftains and has been a member of both The Boys of the Lough and The Chieftains. Since 1996, he has been a member of the society group known as Beginish. Other members of this group include Noel O’Grady, who performs on the bouzouki, Paul O’Shaughnessy, who plays the violin, and Paul McGrattan, who plays the flute. At the moment, Seamus Begley is unable to appear to provide the specifics of his wages and entire assets.