May 31, 2023
Scott Rye Obituary - Death, Scott Rye Has Died

Scott Rye Obituary – Death, Scott Rye Has Died

Scott Rye Death, Obituary – On August 18, 1974, Scott Rye was born in Wichita Falls, Texas to his parents, Henry (Rusty) Rye and Kathy Rye. In 1992, he received his diploma from Hirschi High School. He went to college at Midwestern State University, and it was there that he first became acquainted with his future wife, Brandi. The year 2008 saw Scott’s graduation from college with a degree in sociology. Helping problematic families was a cause that was very important to Scott, therefore he pursued a career with the Department of Child Protective Services.

However, he began his working life at the James V. Allred facility of the Texas Department of Criminal Justice, where he eventually rose through the ranks to become the head of supply for the unit. He was able to find a true work family in Allred and friends that would last a lifetime. When Scott was young, he gave birth to his son Dylan. He always maintained that they went through childhood together. Before he wed Brandi on June 4, 2004, he was a proud single parent, having raised Dylan to that point on his own. They had become a family of three at this point.

After a number of years of struggling with infertility, Scott and Brandi ultimately made the decision in 2015 to become foster parents. They gave their love and support to four adorable children whom they would always cherish. Then, in the year 2016, when they decided to adopt Emma, God answered their prayers by granting them more children and granting Dylan a sibling. They proceeded to add members to their family through adoption, and Vincent and Thomas joined them. The single most impressive thing that Scott has done in his life is the fact that he is a caring and loyal spouse, father, and PopPop. His wife and children comprised his entire universe to him.

Scott was a huge art fan. He had a lot of creative energy and enjoyed drawing and painting in his spare time. His interests included superheroes, comic books, and video games. He was what he called himself, a nerd. He was a voracious reader, and he and his wife enjoyed having conversations about various works of literature. He felt a deep love for his large family. The Rye Clan is an extremely close-knit family unit that is brimming with love and support for one another. Additionally, he had a very strong bond with his wife’s family. He had a soft spot in his heart for all of his nieces and nephews.

Scott is survived by his wife Brandi, his son Dylan and his wife Kaylan Rye, his sons Vincent and Thomas Rye, his daughter Emma Rye, his three grandchildren Jase, Micah, and Lily Rye, his parents Rusty and Kathy Rye, his parents-in-law Douglas and Tobie Beavers, his brother Eric and his wife Gayla Rye, his sister Jackie Rye, his brother-in-law Tom and his wife Melissa Beavers, and a large number of