June 2, 2023
Scott Boukal Obituary, A resident of Lansing has died - Death

Scott Boukal Obituary, A resident of Lansing has died – Death

Scott Boukal Death, Obituary – On Sunday, January 8, 2023, the passing of Scott J. Boukal, who resided in Lansing and had 56 years of age at the time of his dying on January 8, 2023, took place. He is survived by his wife of 31 years, Paula (nee Bomba), his children Benjamin, Madeline (Joshua) Reeves, Nathaniel (Nicole), Lydia, William, and Aiden; his sisters Ellen (John) Alfano and Amy (Dirk) Brown; his brother Paul (Diana) Boukal; and his mother Nancy Boukal. He is also survived by his sisters Ellen (John) Alfano and Amy (Dirk) Brown. He is also survived by his sisters Ellen Alfano, who is married to John, and Amy Brown, who is married to Dirk.

Additionally, he has a sibling who will be staying in the area who goes by the name Paul (Diana) Boukal. This individual will be abandoned. In addition to this, he is survived by a sizeable number of relatives, nieces, nephews, and other members of his extended family, in addition to friends and acquaintances. As the second member of the Boukal family to leave this world, Scott Boukal follows in his father Ronald Boukal’s footsteps as the family’s most recent deceased member. In addition to being a devoted golfer who enjoyed the sport with his sons and friends, he was also the most ardent and devoted Chicago Blackhawks fan in the history of the world.

He followed the team for their entire existence. It didn’t make any difference to him whether it was a game, a get-together, or something as routine as a Sunday meal; he always looked forward to the opportunity to spend time with his family whenever he had the chance. Because of the roles that he played as a husband, father, son, brother, uncle, and friend, Scott was able to have a major impact, both positive and negative, on the lives of a large number of individuals. In each of these roles, he shown warmth and devotion to the people he was working with. It is impossible to adequately express the void that has been left behind in each and every one of our hearts through the use of words.