May 31, 2023
Sam Willemsen Obituary - Death, Sam Willemsen Has Died

Sam Willemsen Obituary – Death, Sam Willemsen Has Died

Sam Willemsen Death, Obituary – The funeral service for Sam will be conducted at the St. John’s Catholic Church in Koo Wee Rup, which is located at 172 Station Street. You can get more information about the church here. The event will get underway at ten o’clock in the morning on Friday, the 13th of January, and continue throughout the day.
After the funeral service has come to a close, the burial will take place in the Lang Lang Cemetery, which can be found in Lang Lang on McDonalds Track. Instead of sending flowers, would you consider giving a donation to either the Make-A-Wish Foundation or the Challenge organisation instead?

There is nothing that can get away from being discovered, is that correct? a cherished son who fills the lives of his parents, Gerry and Ann, with happiness (both deceased). a brother or sister of Catherine who commands a very high level of regard He is the loved and cherished father of Joff and Lex, as well as the respected and cherished father-in-law of Shannon and Natalia. In addition, Joff and Lex hold him in high regard as their father. The kids’ grandfather gave them the nickname “Spook,” which comprises Armani, Paityn, Dainton, Shayden, Mahaylia, Maddex, and Micaiah.

“Spook” is an acronym for “Sons of the Witching Hour.” A elderly relative who is regarded in high esteem by both Olivia and Brock; they both look up to and respect them. There will be a gathering to remember Steve’s life in a manner that is not formally sanctioned at the Eltham Golf Club, which can be found on Kitchener Street in Eltham. This event will take place. On that specific day, Steve’s loved ones and friends will be able to gather together to drink some beverages, speak about the good times and reflect on the difficult moments that they’ve experienced along with Steve.