May 31, 2023
Ruthie Martine Obituary - Death, Ruthie Martine Has Passed Away

Ruthie Martine Obituary – Death, Ruthie Martine Has Passed Away

Ruthie Martine Death, Obituary – I’m sorry to have to break the news to each and every one of you, but our beloved Ruthie Martinez Wagner (1983) has been called to her heavenly home. I must say this with a heavy heart. I am making this statement with a sad heart because I know it is necessary. Everyone is going to mourn her absence greatly. She was a wonderful addition to the group. Shortly after she obtained her diploma, Ruthie wed Michael Wagner, the man who would go on to become the love of her life. Shortly after their wedding, the pair moved from Chicago to Sacramento in 1989. Ruthie’s new hometown is Sacramento.

Ruthie Martinez was a great woman whose generosity made a substantial contribution to the improvement of the standard of living enjoyed by a very wide number of different individuals. She was known for always having a smile on her face, dancing, and giving the appearance that she treasured each and every moment of her life. Her reputation preceded her. She was the kindest and most considerate of ladies, but she was also someone who would never pass up the chance to make a snarky remark every once in a while. She gave birth to two beautiful daughters, both of whom later chose to work in the medical field as nurses after they had grown up. Dear friend, I am looking forward to seeing you again very soon. I hope this finds you well.