June 6, 2023
Robert Santos Obituary, Robert Santos has died - Death

Robert Santos Obituary, Robert Santos has died – Death

Robert Santos Obituary, Death – Roberto Dionisio Santos was born in Seattle, Washington, to a family who had previously served in the military and had subsequently relocated to Rockville, Maryland. Roberto Dionisio Santos spent his childhood years in Rockville, Maryland. Rockville, Maryland was Mr. Santos’ hometown while he was growing up. He was an athlete throughout his entire life and received his diploma from Wheaton High School, where he played on the varsity baseball team.

During high school, he was also a member of the basketball team. After graduating from the University of Baltimore with a Bachelor of Science degree and completing his internship there, he went on to spend more than three decades working for Carefirst Blue Cross Blue Shield after he was hired there. The University of Baltimore is also where he completed his internship.

As an adult, he discovered that the activities that offered him the most joy and contentment were those in which he took part in competitive leagues, such as softball and bowling, and in which he engaged in a game of golf whenever the occasion presented itself. In his latter years, he realized that taking care of his two rescued dogs, Bella and Katie, brought him a great deal of happiness.

Every second that he was able to spend with them was something that he held dearly in his heart. After he passes away, his parents, Macario and Norma, his brother Jeffrey, and Morriah, the partner of Jeffrey’s domestic partner, will carry on his legacy. Morriah is the partner of Jeffrey’s domestic spouse.