May 31, 2023

Robert Crayton Jr. Obituary – Death, NC Police Officer Killed Himself and Four Others

Robert Crayton Jr. Death, Obituary – According to the statements made by police on Monday, the individual responsible for the shooting in North Carolina was a man who shot and killed his wife and three children before turning the gun on himself. The shooting occurred in North Carolina. The occurrence of the shooting took place in North Carolina. On Saturday, the High Point Police Department issued a news release in which they stated that the shooter was identified as 45-year-old Robert Crayton Jr., who killed four other people before turning the gun on himself. The statement was made with regard to the occurrence that took place on Friday. The fact that he had cut himself made it impossible for him to survive the injury.

According to the press release, the two adult victims have been identified as Athalia A. Crayton, who was 46 years old, and her son Kasin Crayton, who was 18 years old. Both victims passed away from their injuries. In addition, the names of a teen who was 16 years old and a child who was 10 years old were not immediately made public after their deaths were discovered. The authorities claim that the five people who were killed had all reportedly lived together in the house where their bodies were found. The house was located in the same neighborhood. Two more people eventually left the house before it was completely deserted.

According to the statements that were made by Police Lieutenant Patrick Welch during a press conference, one of the survivors was a member of the family, and the other was a friend of the family. This information was provided by Lieutenant Welch. At the time of the occurrence, they were each in their 20s at the time. The department’s law enforcement division is said to have already responded to the location on five separate occasions since 2014, as stated in the press release. Welch claims that the most recent incident occurred in January of 2022, when law enforcement officers served an involuntary mental commitment order on Robert Crayton. Welch states that this was the most recent incident.