September 30, 2023
Rick McNaughton Obituary - Death, Learn More About Rick McNaughton Death

Rick McNaughton Obituary – Death, Learn More About Rick McNaughton Death

Rick McNaughton Death, Obituary – A good friend of mine named Rick McNaughton, who had been a part of my life ever since I was a young child, passed away not too long ago. It was confirmed earlier in the week that he was unconscious when he was at his home, and at approximately two in the morning today, they disconnected him off life support and cremated him. However, despite receiving chemotherapy, the disease had already progressed to a point where it was no longer treatable.

The diagnosis of cancer was given to him in the earlier part of the year prior; however, the disease had already reached a stage where it was no longer treatable. Due to the severity of his sickness, he ultimately passed away. In the same house on Race Street where he had spent his boyhood and where he and Kathy had previously brought up their own children, he continued to bring up his own children and raise his family. It was there that he had spent his boyhood, and it was also there that he and Kathy had brought up their own children.

Because they both spent a significant amount of their childhoods there, their childhoods were very similar. Today, he is able to find peace in the knowledge that he is with the person whom he loved more than anybody else, Kathy. He is the subject of a great deal of warm and fuzzy memories for a great many people. RIP Rick Remember our neighborhood kids well. Because Rick and his family lived immediately across the street from us, we were in close proximity to them and could almost consider ourselves next door neighbors.