January 27, 2023
Rick DuBose Obituary, Rick DuBose has died - Death

Rick DuBose Obituary, Rick DuBose has died – Death

Rick DuBose Obituary, Death – Everyone was taken aback when they heard the shocking news that Rick DuBose had passed away suddenly and without any prior warning. Since Rick FromPi, a Morehouse Brother, a Kappa Brother, and a dearly beloved friend, entered the realm of the ancestors early today, we are in a condition of tremendous loss. Rick was a member of both fraternities, and he was a friend to many. Rick was a close buddy to a large number of people and a member of two different fraternities.

Both of those sororities acknowledged him as a brother in their ranks. During his tenure at the university, Rick was an active participant in both of these different fraternities. Given Rick’s reputation as “the Nupe’s Nupe,” it is challenging to ascertain the precise effect that his passing has had on the community. His passing will leave a gaping hole in our lives. It is not possible to assign a numerical value to the impact that his death has had on the neighborhood.

His loss has created a hole in our lives that can never be replaced. To his family, to the “Grand” Pi Vipers, to his class of Fall ’88 Sands, and to each and every Morehouse Man and/or Nupe who was ever given the gift of his wisdom and his presence in the days and weeks ahead, my deepest condolences go out to you. He will be greatly missed. To all of you, may the remembrance of him be a blessing. I pray that God will preserve his memory throughout the ages.