September 30, 2023

Richard Cramb Obituary, Oxford Michigan – Death, Richard Cramb Has Died

Richard Cramb Obituary, Death – Henry Cramb III was born in 1971, and ever since he became an adult and was able to make his own decisions, he has always considered Oxford to be his permanent home. The beloved husband of Sarah who had been married to her for a very long time passed away on January 10, 2023, following a long and arduous battle against the illness that he had been facing for a very long time. A thoughtful and conscientious parent who gives his two children, Wyatt and Vada, the all of his attention, care, and dedication. This kind and kind parent gives his whole attention to his offspring.

Children of Richard Jr. and Josephine Cramb who have earned their parents’ respect through the actions they have taken and shown that they are worthy of that respect by demonstrating that they are deserving of it and earning that respect through their own activities. Corey’s older brother, who, by a strange twist of fate, also shares his name with his younger brother. His paternal grandparents, Richard Cramb Sr. and Joan Cramb, named him Richard Cramb Jr., and he is their grandchild. His grandparents named him after themselves. He is the son-in-law of Linda DeMatteis and Phillip Lepkowski, whose wives are married to Darlene, Phillip Lepkowski’s wife, and him, respectively.

Linda DeMatteis and Phillip Lepkowski are both married to Phillip Lepkowski’s wife. Phillip Lepkowski is married to Linda DeMatteis, and Linda DeMatteis is married to Phillip Lepkowski’s wife. Richard Cramb Jr. is not only his own grandfather, but also a grandchild of his paternal grandparents, Richard Cramb Sr. and Joan Cramb. Richard Cramb Jr. also has a grandchild of his own. He is married to Stephen (Sanne) DeMatteis’s sister, who also happens to be the sister of the sister’s brother.