June 2, 2023
Peter Ciarelli Obituary - Death, A Celtic Super Fan Has Passed Away

Peter Ciarelli Obituary – Death, A Celtic Super Fan Has Passed Away

Peter Ciarelli Obituary, Death – The devastating news that longtime Celtics supporter Peter Ciarelli had passed away at the age of 101 is a blow to the community that surrounds the organization. It was unfathomable that Peter had been present for Celtic games despite the fact that Willie Maley, Ange, and a whole host of other people had been coaching the team. Peter Ciarelli, who was responsible for the crime and managed a store in Lochgilphead that sold electrical products, was the one who committed it. His store was the one that was broken into.

A member of the congregation of St. Margaret’s Parish who participates in the various events held there. He was such a good-natured and giving man, and he contributed a great deal to the betterment of the neighborhood in which he resided. Congratulations, Peter; you’ve reached a fantastic age to live. Congratulations! I pray that you, your family, and all of the other people who are close to you find solace and strength from God during this difficult time. Peter, you lived to an incredible age; during the course of your long life.

You must have witnessed the birth and passing of a vast number of Celtic myths and tales. I am in awe of your longevity. Rest in peace. During this trying time, we are keeping the members of his family as well as the friends and acquaintances he has left behind in our thoughts and prayers. I say a prayer every day that he will finally find peace.