September 29, 2023
Pete Smith Obituary, Owner of Polzeath's Galleon has died - Death

Pete Smith Obituary, Owner of Polzeath’s Galleon has died – Death

Pete Smith Death, Obituary – It is likely that the news that Pete Smith, the proprietor of Polzeath’s Galleon, passed away earlier this week would be distressing to a significant many of you. Beach Art wants to express his gratitude to everyone who helped him the other day and also express his sorrow to his family and friends. My article from 2017 about Jonathan Smith, Pete Smith’s son who grew up in Polzeath, and the surfing dolphins footage that he did for the BBC is the common denominator that ties us all together!

When one of us passes away, the ripples that the rest of us send out into the universe will experience a heightened manifestation. This will occur when one of us dies. We used the symbol of yin and yang, which originates from ancient Chinese culture, to encircle the waves of life force as they moved further and further away from the center of the piece of art that we created yesterday on Polzeath Beach. This concept was represented in ancient Chinese culture by the yin and yang symbol.

Without death, life loses all of its meaning; together, life and death form the yin and yang of our existence, with one rendering the other meaningless in the absence of the other. Figuratively speaking, when we go by the bar, we have the epiphany that we have been tangoing with this dichotomy for a very long time. This dawns on us as we come to understand that we have been here for quite some time.

You can make out the Doom Bar, which was formerly known as the Dune Bar. The Doom Bar is located beyond the beach and the surf. It’s probable that Pete’s Galleon Cafe, which is located on Polzeath beach, was instrumental in helping him get through it. That is something I’d like to think is the case! In the days ahead, Pete’s friends and family will gather together to celebrate and remember his ongoing journey, which they also refer to as his circle of life.