September 28, 2023
Peg Bogema Obituary - Death, President of Stout Systems Has Passed Away

Peg Bogema Obituary – Death, President of Stout Systems Has Passed Away

Peg Bogema Death, Obituary – A tragic accident took the life of Peg Bogema, who was the President of Stout Systems Development and the person behind the Twitter account @stoutsystems. Bogema passed away not too long ago. It breaks our hearts to have to share this information with you. During this trying time, she is being kept in our thoughts and prayers, along with her family and friends, as well as everyone else who was close to her. Peg was involved in an accident on Sunday, and as a direct result of that accident, she was taken from this world in a manner that was both devastating and unexpected.

The circumstances surrounding her passing were unexpectedly tragic. The collision was a direct result of the previous accident that occurred. He was so overjoyed with his family, and in especially with the women whom his two sons had wed, as well as with his granddaughter Katie, that he lacked the words to adequately express his feelings. In addition to the activity of hunting, which he had previously enjoyed doing with his father, he later in life developed an interest in fishing and woodworking. Hunting was an activity that he had previously enjoyed doing with his father. When he was younger, one of the things that he used to look forward to doing was going hunting.

It was a tradition for him to go fishing in Canada with the same group of friends on a regular basis, and he would frequently bring his sons along with him on these outings. He looked forward to these breaks from the routine of his work schedule with a great deal of enthusiasm. During the course of his career, he spent a significant amount of time restoring antiques for private clients before going on to designing and handcrafting a number of exquisite pieces of furniture. Before moving on, he worked on restoring antiques for homeowners.