October 1, 2023
Paul Davies Obituary - Death, Paul Davies Has Died At Age 56

Paul Davies Obituary – Death, Paul Davies Has Died At Age 56

Paul Davies Death, Obituary – On the 30th of December 2022, Paul Davies Morris, a resident of New Radnor who had reached the age of 56 and was a patient at Hereford Hospital, passed away in a tranquil and serene manner. Paul Davies Morris had been a patient at Hereford Hospital. He has been a patron of that establishment for a considerable amount of time. His immediate family, together with all of his close friends and acquaintances, will grievously miss him. His passing will also be felt by others who knew him well. Those who had a close relationship with him will be among the first to notice his demise.

The news of this unimaginably awful event will cause a significant number of people to continue to think fondly of him even after he has passed away. We had a wonderful time together both during our tenure as members of the Radnor Valley Football Club and at the football dinners that were hosted at the club. On the morning of Monday, January 23, 2023, at eleven in the morning, the memorial service will be conducted at St. Mary’s Church in New Radnor. The date and time of the event have not yet been determined. The town of New Radnor is home to the historic St. Mary’s Church.

It is something that is very much appreciated when members of the congregation’s relatives and friends send flowers to the church. Only donations made in Paul’s name will be given to the Radnor Valley Football Club, an organization to which he felt a profound sense of duty and to which he spent a significant amount of his time and energy. Paul was an avid supporter of the club for many years.