May 28, 2023
Patricia Wolton Obituary, Patricia Wolton Has Passed Away - Death

Patricia Wolton Obituary, Patricia Wolton Has Passed Away – Death

Patricia Wolton Evelyn Death, Obituary – Evelyn Patricia Wolton, well known to everyone as “Babs,” died away in a calm and quiet manner on Tuesday, January 3, 2023. She was known to everyone. Everyone referred to her as “Babs,” which was her nickname. She was already 85 years old at the time. In the years prior to that, she lived in the Callie Evens Lodge located in Cath cart. Her beloved son Neil and his wife Helen, her sister Jacquie, her grandkids Emma, Gareth, Phillip, and Jessica, along with other members of her extended family and friends, will miss her terribly and be extremely saddened by her passing.

Her death will be profoundly felt not only by those who were close to her but also by anybody else who knew and loved her. On the tenth of January 2023, at ten in the morning, there will be a gathering to celebrate the life of “Babs” at the Callie Evens Lodge in Cathcart. In honor of Babs, we shall get together for this get-together. Her childhood was spent on a lovely working farm that was located on Route 30, and the cremation will take place there. Route 30 is also the location of the farm. The memorial service will be held in private in East London, Cook, and will take place there.

She obtained her diploma from Otter Valley High School in 1978, when she was a member of the school’s graduating class of 1978. She also attended that school. She uprooted her life and went to New Jersey in 1983, yet she was still able to find her way back to Vermont in 1998. In 1983, she uprooted her life and relocated to New Jersey. In addition to her job, she found satisfaction in tending to her garden, preparing baked goods, and spending quality time with her family. All of these activities brought her a sense of accomplishment.