May 31, 2023
Owen Eyolfson Obituary, Owen Eyolfson has died - Death

Owen Eyolfson Obituary, Owen Eyolfson has died – Death

Owen Eyolfson Obituary, Death – Orville Eyolfson was conceived by his parents, Harold and Marion Eyolfson, and brought into the world on December 12th, 1935 in Steep Rock, Manitoba. He spent his childhood in Lundar and Winnipeg, and when he was a young adult, he started working for Canada Cement. After that, he became a Signal Maintainer with CN Rail, working in both the province of Manitoba and the region of northeastern Ontario.

Because of his employment, he moved to Fort Frances in 1964, and it was there that he met the woman who would become the love of his life, Delores Lee. They wed on August 14, 1965. Orville decided to leave CN and join the local paper mill so that he could continue living in Fort Frances. He was an involved member of the Elk’s Lodge, enjoyed the sport of curling, and took part in a number of bonspiels throughout the course of his life.

In 1989, Orville and Delores made the move to Bear’s Pass and quickly became involved in the life of their new community of Halkirk. Orville contributed his time to the Halkirk Fire Department as a volunteer and took part in various initiatives to raise money for the organization. In particular following his retirement in 1994, he spent many happy years hunting and fishing, and he was also a voracious reader. He also enjoyed sharing his one-of-a-kind sense of humor with the many friends and family members that came to the lake to visit him, as well as taking people fishing and instructing the younger ones in how to fish.

He spent a lot of time at the lake. Orville also took a lot of journeys by car out west to British Columbia and all around the southern part of Ontario. After retiring, Orville spent many winter months in the southern United States, including Arizona, Texas, and Florida. In 2003, he also had the opportunity to travel to Iceland, which he enjoyed. He is survived by his son Brian (Sean Anderson), who resides in Toronto; his sister Donna Hope.

Who resides in Beausejour, Manitoba; his brothers John (Henriette) and Dennis (Elizabeth), who reside in Thunder Bay and Minneapolis, respectively; his sisters-in-law Joanne Lee, who resides in International Falls, and Rita Lee, who resides in Winnipeg, Manitoba; and a large number of nieces and nephews.  Orville was preceded in death by his cherished wife Delores, his parents Harold and Marion, his brother Gerald, his in-laws Arthur Sr. and Matilida, his brothers and sisters-in-law Dorothy Storey (Barney Byzewski and Isaac Storey), Hazel (Ralph) Struve, Reuben Lee, Art Lee, Lucille (Walter) Prymak, Ronnie Lee, Everett (“Poncho”) Lee, Marilyn Strand and Florence