September 30, 2023
Oscar Polinar Obituary - Death, Oscar Polinar Has Passed Away

Oscar Polinar Obituary – Death, Oscar Polinar Has Passed Away

Oscar Polinar Death, Obituary – I would want to take advantage of this occasion to convey to each and every one of those who have sent their condolences and expressions of sympathy on behalf of our family our most heartfelt gratitude for the support that you have shown us during this difficult time. A member of our family passed away not too long ago, and the news has left us in a state of profound melancholy. During this trying period that was brought on by a loss, each and every one of you has been a tremendous source of comfort. I am truly grateful. During his time here on earth, my Papa had a tremendous impact on each and every one of you, and there is not the remotest shadow of a doubt in any part of my mind that this is the case.

We are quite appreciative of the honesty and consideration that has been shown to us throughout this interaction. We have been showered with every jot and tittle of affection. We are very conscious of the fact that Papa led an extraordinary life and that he will continue to occupy a place in all of your hearts as well as in our own for the rest of time. We are also aware that he will carry on living on in each of our hearts forever. Our thoughts often return to Papa, and we can’t wait to see him again. I am confident that he will continue to guide us, despite the fact that I anticipate that the days that lie ahead of us will be challenging.

I am confident in his capacity to carry out the task at hand. We request you to remember all of us, and especially to pray for our cherished Papa Oscar Polinar, in your prayers at all times. Don’t forget to say a prayer for me and everyone else. I am grateful. I pray that the Lord would have mercy on each one of us.