May 31, 2023
Nicole Hallmark Obituary - Death, Heim Elementary School Teacher has passed away

Nicole Hallmark Obituary – Death, Heim Elementary School Teacher has passed away

Nicole Hallmark Obituary, Death –  Beloved wife of Kevin W. Hallmark; most devoted mother to Samual and Sophia Hallmark; devoted daughter of Craig Fuqua and Joan Fuqua; and loving daughter-in-law of Cheryl Hallmark and the late Roger Hallmark. Also, dedicated daughter of Craig Fuqua and Joan Fuqua. After reaching adulthood, Nicole E. Hallmark, who was also her parents Craig and Joan Fuqua’s daughter, took on her mother’s maiden name and utilized it in her professional life. Even though Fuqua has passed away, her brother Craig married Sharon, and her brother Matthew married Kristyn. Both of their wives were Fuqua’s cousins. It turned out that Fuqua was the brother of both of these guys.

In addition to her nieces and nephews and the children of her children, she is survived by the progeny of her own children as well as the children of her children’s children. On Wednesday, members of the family will be present at the HOY Funeral Home in West Seneca, New York, from four in the afternoon until eight o’clock in the evening. The visitation will be held in memory of the deceased. In honor of the one who has passed away, there will be a visiting held. In the event that you are trying to locate the funeral home, you may find it at 3855 Seneca Street. St. John Vianney Church, which can be found in Orchard Park, New York at 2950 Southwestern Blvd., will host a Mass of Christian Burial on Thursday morning at ten o’clock.

The service is scheduled to take place there. Thursday is the day that the service will take place. The funeral or memorial ceremony that is taking place is being held in memory of the individual who has recently passed away. At this precise moment, I would like for everyone to congregate in the church. Please do so. We regret to tell you that we are unable to accept any floral arrangements at this time. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. You are welcome to send donations to the Erie County SPCA, which is located at 300 Harlem Road in West Seneca, New York 14224. You can get more information about the organization here. It is appropriate to make these donations in his memory.