May 31, 2023
Murat Gonul Obituary - Death, The Turkish Canadian 212 Pro Has Passed Away

Murat Gonul Obituary – Death, The Turkish Canadian 212 Pro Has Passed Away

Murat Gonul Death, Obituary – allegedly lost their fight against cancer at the age of 46, following a protracted period of time. On Tuesday, Rx Muscle was the first to disclose it via Instagram; however, it is yet unknown what caused the death. Rx Muscle was the first to report it. Rx Muscle was the first publication to make the discovery. Rx Muscle has produced an essay in which they clarify what they knew at the time regarding his passing despite the fact that there is a lack of information on his passing. Due to the fact that Gonul had just just recently competed in the Men’s 212 division in 2022, his passing came as a complete surprise to the wrestling community.

Gonul and his wife, Funda Gonul, have recently returned from a trip to Costa Rica, but they have been unable to make it back to Canada due to unforeseen travel complications. On the Facebook page that Gonul maintains, physique teacher Jason Green mentioned that he and Gonul had a conversation about getting ready for upcoming competitions. The post that Green made was repeated on Facebook. He spoke about the personality of Gonul as a whole and indicated that he will be starting a GoFundMe campaign to assist with the arrangements.

He also spoke about Gonul. Murat Gonul, who was born in Istanbul, took an early interest in sports and has continued to participate in them ever since he first discovered them. He put in a lot of work to develop an outstanding physique in the Men’s 212 class, and he was able to win first place in the 70 kilogram class at the IFBB Turkey World Championship Bodybuilding competition when he made his debut on stage in the year 2000. This was his first time competing in the sport of bodybuilding.