May 28, 2023
Moose Jaw Obituary, Saskatchewan CN, has died - Death

Moose Jaw Obituary, Saskatchewan CN, has died – Death

Moose Jaw Obituary, Death – Moose Jaw. Moose Jaw. Moose Jaw The birth date was October 10, 1940, and the death date was January 8, 2023. Moose Jaw is survived by his partner, Elaine Koskie; their children Bernice Lamontagne, Karen (Sam) Kahut, Clifford (Allison) Lamontagne, Sharon (Richard) Hill, Paul (Lisa) Lamontagne, and Trevor (Rennay) Lamontagne; as well as Elaine’s two daughters, Charity Koskie and Sylvia.

Moose Jaw is also survived by Elaine’s two daughters, Charity Ko Charity and Sylvia are the names of both of Elaine’s daughters as well (Trevor). In addition to being the proud grandfather of 18 grandchildren, he was also the proud grandfather of 10 great-grandchildren. Rockglen, in the province of Saskatchewan, was the place where Albert Lamontagne was brought into the world by his parents, Paul and Val Lamontagne.

His formative years were spent on the farm that his family owned and operated just south of Lisieux in Saskatchewan. Albert moved to Alberta and started working for Les Wigimeuer soon after gaining some experience in the transportation industry with South Saskatchewan Bus Company. After moving to Saskatchewan, he started a new job with Toyota in Moose Jaw and stayed there until he reached the end of his career.

After that, he retired from the company. No matter what time of day or night it was, Albert never locked his door because he treasured the time he got to spend with his loved ones, including his friends and family. The phrase “Happy go Lucky” was one of Albert’s favorite catchphrases, and it encapsulated the spirit with which he carried out each day of his life.