February 8, 2023
Millard Turner Obituary

Millard Turner Obituary – Death, The Famous Millard Turner Has Passed Away

Millard Wilton Turner Death, Obituary – We regret to inform you that we were unable to say our final goodbyes to Millard Wilton Turner on January 7, 2023, when he passed away in Harrisonburg, Virginia. Millard Wilton Turner resided in that city. Harrisonburg served as the location for the funeral. Because of the unfortunate circumstances, he had to go his own way. He was thought of as a member of the family in addition to being a close friend who was held in the highest regard. You are more than welcome to offer your condolences for the family in the guestbook that has been made available particularly for that event, and the family will make sure to read them. The guestbook has been made available specifically for that event. The guestbook is now up for business in preparation for that special event.

Elva Lois Gable, his wife, and Mary June Rohrer and Paul Frederick Turner, two of his siblings, all left before he did. His departure was the final one. They left before he did, which was the first step towards his departure. He was the lone member of his family to reach adulthood and he was the only one who did. He was the only member of his immediate family to have survived, and he ended up being the only member of his family to survive in total. Both of his grandfathers, Charles Casper Turner and Mildred Shoemaker Turner, had already passed away before he was even born; their names were Charles Casper Turner and Mildred Shoemaker Turner. His maternal grandfather’s name was Charles Casper Turner, and he was a man named Charles Casper Turner.

His daughters Sylvia Bowman (Lawrence) of Broadway, Gloria White (Bryan Daniels) of Harrisonburg, Carolyn Burkholder (Sheldon “Pete”) of Rockingham, and Shirley Ewald (Philip) of Rockingham are among the many people who continue to carry on his legacy. Other people who continue to carry on his legacy include many other people. Gloria White (Bryan Daniels) of Harrisonburg, Shirley Ewald (Philip) of Rockingham, and Sylvia Bowman (Lawrence) of Broadway are all residents of the same neighborhood in the city.

This neighborhood is located in the same general area. In addition to his own children and the spouses of his children, he is survived by his grandchildren Kevin Bowman (Nicole), Aaron Burkholder, Jennifer White, Laura Burkholder (Ben Laibson), and David Showalter. His children and their spouses are also among those who carry on his legacy. In addition, he is survived by the spouses of his children (Kelly Smucker). In addition to this, he has a sizable number of nieces and nephews who he will be unable to take with him when he moves.