October 1, 2023
Mike Hulonce Death

Mike Hulonce Obituary – Death, West Wales District Sea Cadets Member Dies

Mike Hulonce Death, Obituary – The unfortunate passing of Lt. Cdr. Mike Hulonce is something that we at West Wales are obligated to share with you, and we do so with a heavy heart and a great deal of grief. Please accept our apologies for the trouble that this may create. After the passing of some of his closest friends, he passed away quietly at home, surrounded by the ones he loved the most. He was a true Sea Cadet who served as a model for others to emulate in Neath, West Wales, the South West Area, and the Corps as a whole; as a result, he was an inspiration to all those who were in his immediate environment. In addition to that, he was a man who held himself to a very high standard of ethics. In the years to come, a significant number of individuals will hold favorable opinions of him.

At this time, we want his family and friends to know that they are in our thoughts and prayers, as well as that they are constantly on our minds. We also want them to know that they are in our thoughts and prayers. You have my most sincere best wishes, and Mike is Norah Cottrell and Graham Hodges’s son; he was born in Bristol. Graham Hodges is Mike’s father. Mike Hodges’s father is named Graham Hodges. He spent his younger years in Salisbury, which he referred to as having a “chocolate-box feel,” and then moved on to Bath, where he attended Prior Park college while living at a boarding school there.

two locations were both located in England. Mike was cast in the character of Following Seas since it was the one that received the most attention, and he also played this part in the movie. He completed his two years of national service in the Royal Navy as a rating aboard minesweepers after being encouraged by his parents to take accountancy examinations as a route into a “safe employment.” His parents believed that this would increase his chances of finding work. Prior to that, he had finished off his obligation to his country. His parents were anxious about the future, and they hoped that he would choose a career that would provide him with some measure of consistency.

Because of their concerns, his parents were worried about his capacity to keep a stable financial state in the years to come. This caused them to be concerned about him. After that, he quit his job as an accountant and moved to London, where he secured a position in the flourishing television industry working in a low-level technical capacity. He is still living in London now. He remained in London till he located a position in the television industry and moved there. He did not depart the city of London for a considerable amount of time.