May 28, 2023
Mary P. Escobar Obituary - Death, Mary P. Escobar Has Passed Away

Mary P. Escobar Obituary – Death, Mary P. Escobar Has Passed Away

Mary P. Escobar Death, Obituary – A woman from Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, aged 55, was pronounced dead over the weekend as a consequence of a collision involving two automobiles that took place over the weekend on Route 30 in Springettsbury Township, according to the York County Coroner’s Office. The collision took place on Route 30. Mary P. Escobar, who resided in the 100 block of Ashley Drive in Ephrata, was found to have died as a result of many instances of blunt force trauma, according to the findings of the coroner’s office.

Accidentally, everything turned out this way. The collision took place on Saturday evening at 8:30 o’clock local time close to the intersection of Route 30 and North Hills Road. The most recent in medical news: It is anticipated that people who have never been infected with COVID before will become infected with XBB.1.5, and a significant number of people who have already been infected with XBB.1.5 will become reinfected. Are you able to lend a helping hand in the area encompassing Interstate 83 and Route 30? The state police are searching for the tractor-trailer that they believe was involved in the accident that resulted in the death of the pedestrian.

When Escobar’s vehicle collided with a truck tractor that was stopped at a red light on Route 30, the truck tractor was headed in the opposite direction, west. The collision occurred when Escobar was driving east on Route 30. The results of the coroner’s office indicate that the car in question was not towing a trailer at the time of the accident. The office of the coroner reports that witnesses reported that it seemed as though Escobar’s vehicle sped up immediately before it collided with the other vehicle. This information was provided by the witnesses. Mary P. Escobar