May 31, 2023
Marvin Baker

Marvin Baker Obituary – Death, Marvin Baker Has Passed Away

Marvin Baker Death, Obituary – His wife Ellie Baker, his children Laci Baker, Phillip Holt (Brandy), and Jayme / Mario Andrzejewski, his grandchildren Elijah Charles Baker and Alex Holt, as well as his brother Warren Louis House (Kathy), and his cousin Linda Estes are all still alive in the present day as a direct result of him leaving. Before he was born, both his great-grandmother Omelia Baker and his grandfather Luther Marvin Baker, Jr. had already passed away. His great-name grandfather’s was likewise Luther Marvin Baker, same like his own. Before he was born, both of his sisters, Susan Baker and Chris Estes, had already passed away. His only sibling is an only child. In addition to him, his relative Chris Estes had passed dead. He was the only member of his immediate family to have survived, and he ended up being the only member of his family to survive in total.

Charlie placed a high importance on the relationships he created with other people and derived a great deal of joy from seeing other people smile and laugh. He also placed a high value on the time he spent with his family. He found great pleasure in seeing the smiles and laughter on the faces of others. He possessed an instinctive gift for making other people laugh, and he also possessed a genuine regard for the natural world and the great outdoors in general. He had a natural talent for making other people laugh. In addition to that, he was always overcome with a great degree of pride whenever he pondered on the time that he had spent serving in the Air Force of the United States of America. He had been in the Air Force for a very long time.

On the afternoon of Thursday, November 10, 2022, the family will be present in the chapel of the Jeffcoat Funeral Home to welcome guests beginning at one o’clock and continuing until the start of the ceremony at two o’clock in the afternoon. This will take place on the day after the funeral. Thursday will be the day that this takes occur. When it finally does start, the real ceremony will get under way around two in the afternoon. The start of the ceremony is scheduled to take place at 2:00 in the afternoon local time.
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