February 6, 2023
Marinos Iosif

Marinos Iosif Obituary – Death, Marinos Iosif Has Died

Marinos Iosif Death, Obituary – The passing of Marinos Iosif, who was loved by his family in many roles, including son, father, brother, uncle, and friend, was brought to the family’s attention, and they have expressed their deepest condolences over the loss of their loved one. Marinos Iosif was loved by his family in many roles, including son, father, brother, uncle, and friend. Marinos Iosif was cherished by his family in many different capacities, including that of son, father, brother, uncle, and friend. The tragic and dreadful event that took place on Thursday, December 29, 2022 was the departure of Marinos from this world.

The viewing will take place at Acropolis Funeral Services on Monday, the 16th of January 2023 at seven o’clock in the evening. The date and time are subject to change. Acropolis Funeral Services has a funeral home in the Homer Street neighborhood of Earlwood at the address 253-255 Homer Street. Funeral services are scheduled to take place on the morning of Tuesday, January 17, 2023 at 10:30 a.m. in the St. Stephanos Greek Orthodox Church in Hurlstone Park, which can be found at 650 New Canterbury Road. There has been no decision made regarding the timing or date of the services as of yet.

After the conclusion of the service, the burial will take place at the Rookwood General Cemetery, which is located in the city of Rookwood at 1 Hawthorne Avenue. The address for the cemetery is also 1 Hawthorne Avenue. If you travel along Hawthorne Avenue, you will eventually arrive at your destination. The wake will be place at Rookwood, specifically at the Village Functions At Rookwood, which can be found at the crossroads of Memorial Avenue and Necropolis Drive. At the corner of Memorial Avenue and Necropolis Drive is where you will find the funeral home that will be caring for the deceased.

As a component of the memorial service that will take place in the church, in lieu of flowers, the church will accept monetary donations to be given to the Heart Foundation in honor of the deceased.During this trying time, the Marinos family would like to extend their most sincere gratitude to their friends and family for the kind words, expressions of concern, and condolences that they have received from others in their community. The Marinos family has received a lot of support from members of their community.