October 1, 2023
Margaret Ritchie Obituary, Died at the age of 91 - Death

Margaret Ritchie Obituary, Died at the age of 91 – Death

Margaret Ritchie Death, Obituary – On Saturday, January 7, 2023, Margaret Rose Ritchie, who had reached the age of 91, passed away peacefully in the company of family and friends in the tranquility of her own home. Her passing took place in the presence of her loved ones. It had been 91 years since she had first set foot on this planet. In addition to being a well-respected mother-in-law and great-nanny, she was also a proud and loyal nanny and great-nanny to the children she cared for. She had a reputation for being warm and friendly, and she was the mother of Doug and Sheena, both of whom had passed away in the past.

Both of her children had passed away. She had been married to the late Colin Cameron before he passed away, and he was someone who had a particular place in the hearts of many people before he passed away. During that period, she was married to him. Extremely agonizing, and the vacuum in our lives that their passing will create will be deeply felt and extremely challenging to fill. The service that will be held on Friday, January 20 at one o’clock in the afternoon will be held in the Almanythie Hall, which can be found on Grange Road in Peterhead. The date and time of the service have not yet been determined.

There has been no decision made regarding when exactly the event will take place. Both the funeral ceremony and the burial of the deceased person at Longside Cemetery, which will immediately follow the funeral service, are open invitations extended to any and all of the deceased person’s acquaintances who would choose to pay their respects in person. Flowers will only be accepted from members of the deceased person’s immediate family; however, in lieu of flowers, you are invited to give money at the door of the hall for the charity of your choice.