September 28, 2023
Lyle Wyness Obituary - Death, Dewberry Firefighter Has Died

Lyle Wyness Obituary – Death, Dewberry Firefighter Has Died

Lyle Wyness Obituary, Death – My name is Krystal Becker, and I’ve decided to organize this charitable event despite having a shattered heart. Lyle Wyness passed away as a result of a devastating house fire that occurred early on the morning of January 7. Lyle was one of a kind and had a laugh and smile that were instantly recognizable no matter where you were. He leaves behind his three children, Wyatt, Grace, and Emily, who he considers to be his greatest achievements in life.

Everyone was aware that he devoted his complete and undivided attention to the care of his children. Every discussion, message, or anecdote he shared on Facebook revolved around his children in some way. In honor of Lyle and to provide financial support for his children in the years to come, I have established this GoFundMe account. In the meanwhile, as they adjust to life without their father, I would like to do what I can to make the financial challenges that we face on occasion a little bit easier to bear.

I would like to extend my gratitude to you in advance for any contributions you may make to assist with paying tribute to our Lyle (“Lily” and most recently “Cold Water Cowboy”) in the most fitting manner that I am capable of. to lend a hand in ensuring that his children receive proper care.