September 30, 2023
Liz Mc Greivy Obituary - Death, Member Tubrid Studios Has Passed Away

Liz Mc Greivy Obituary – Death, Member Tubrid Studios Has Passed Away

Liz Mc Greivy Death, Obituary – We were given some information that was really depressing this morning. I’m sorry to say that the pottery won’t be open today. Yesterday marked the day when our dear friend Liz Mc Greivy left this world. (She would have preferred it much more if I had stated that she had passed away) After a prolonged struggle against her illness, she ultimately gave in to it. She was a fierce adversary in the game. Her genuine character, hysterically hilarious sense of humor, and razor-sharp wit will be dearly missed around these parts in the Studios.

Some of Liz’s other pastimes were painting, working with glass, and making pottery. I was able to track down a picture of her sculpting a house plan on a pottery wheel, and it turned out to be very interesting. They were of the highest quality, and I was making commissions off of the sales of them. She was a very imaginative woman who was a welcome addition to any get-together because of her fantastic company. The works of pottery and glass art that she created featured representations of her pet dog, Comra. (Liz is a canine trainer who assists persons who are visually impaired) R.i.P My wonderful companion Liz.

We are thankful that you choose to become a part of our lives and that you shared everything that you have achieved with us. Your presence in these parts will certainly be missed very much. Those students who worked with glass or painted, in addition to Ann and the other students who took part in the pottery groups held on Mondays and Saturdays and created pottery with you, are referred to as “pottery group participants.”