September 19, 2023
Linda Heidt Obituary, Effingham County GA, has died - Death

Linda Heidt Obituary, Effingham County GA, has died – Death

Linda Heidt Obituary, Death – At the age of 68, Linda Heidt passed away in the comfort of her home in Lyndon on the 12th of April in 2012. She was able to make it to the place where she could be with her Lord without having to suffer through any discomfort on the way there. On May 10, 1943, Linda Goering was born in Stamford, Connecticut to her late parents, Henry and Elizabeth (Von Lienen) Goering. Her parents have since passed away. Both of her parents had passed away at this point.

Since then, she has lost both of her parents: her mother and her father. She received her high school diploma from Paramus High School, which is found in the state of New Jersey, in the year 1961. It was on April 30th, 1966 that she and Francis J. Heidt exchanged their wedding vows, and that day is traditionally regarded as the first day of their marriage. The Heidt family settled in St. Johnsbury shortly after arriving in Vermont in 1967 and making the state their new home. Following that, they relocated to Lyndon, which is located on Route 122, and that is where they have been residing ever since they made the move.

One of Linda’s most frequent places of worship was the Lyndon Bible Church, where she also served in an exceptionally active capacity as a member of the congregation. Despite the fact that she was involved in a number of other activities at the church, she ranked the placement of the steeple as one of the aspects that she considered to be of the utmost significance. Before taking an early retirement in November of the year before, Linda had spent her whole 27-year career working at JCPenney.

She eventually decided to leave the company early. Through the making of cakes and participation in the artistic endeavors of other people, Linda, a kind and empathetic individual, was able to form connections with other people. She knitted tens of thousands of hats, some of which were intended specifically for infants who had only recently been born. Those who are left behind to remember her include her husband, Frank; three of their four children.

William and Catherine Heidt of McAllen, Texas, Christopher and Lesley Heidt of Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts, and Gretchen Collins and Bart Collins of Columbus, Ohio; two grandchildren, Audrey and Ryan; her brother Richard Goering and his wife Lynn, who live in Aurora, Colorado; and two sisters, Elizabeth Jaeger of Randolph, New Jersey, and Gail Parent and her husband Michael