June 3, 2023

Lillie Crager Obituary – Death, 68 Years Old Native Of Garrett, India Has Died

Lillie Crager Death, Obituary – On January 8th, 2023, Lillie May “Bick” Crager, who resided in Garrett, Indiana, passed away at Parkview Randallia Hospital in Fort Wayne, Indiana. The hospital is located in Indiana. The state of Indiana is home to the establishment that provides medical care. The medical facility can be found in the state of Indiana in the United States. She had 68 years of experience under her belt at the time.  It was on July 14, 1954 in the county of DeKalb, Indiana, in the United States of America that she made her debut into the world.

Her father was Clyde Henry Depew, and her mother’s maiden name was Pauletta (Burns) Depew. Her birth took place in the country that is now known as the United States of America. During her lifetime, she was known by the name Pauletta (Depew) Depew, which was the name she took after her husband.
Strawberry’s Place was Bick’s company, which he had owned for the previous 32 years and which he had been operating out of Garrett under the name Strawberry’s Place. Strawberry’s Place was known as Bick’s business. Garrett was the place where Bick’s business was based. In the wake of the sale of her company, she arrived at the realization that she would be a more effective mom if she remained at home with her children rather than pursuing a career outside the home.

She was able to give donations to a variety of charity organizations thanks to her generosity. Some of these organizations include the VFW in Garrett, the ASPCA, and the Lakota Children’s Fund, to name just a few. Tammy Crager-Ross and her husband Ken Ross, both of Garrett, in addition to their four daughters, Niakki VanOsdale of Garrett, Naikoma Hawn of Garrett, Neosha Whittaker of Auburn, and Tammy Crager-Ross and her companion, Donald Wells, both of Garrett; ten grandchildren, including Donald L. Reed III, Trent VanOsdale, Hunter Klingenberger, Aleigha Reed, Dylan Dietrich, and Mary Elizabeth

Her paternal and paternal grandparents, both sets of parents, her husband Billy J. Crager, her granddaughter Nakea Burger, and five of her brothers and sisters—Calvin, Harvey, Maynard, Rosella, and Linda—all passed away before she did. Her granddaughter Nakea Burger also passed away. Nakea Burger, her granddaughter, was the only member of her family still alive at the time. Nakea Burger, the youngest kid, was the only member of her immediate family who was able to escape the fire alive. Before she herself passed away, she was the only member of her family to have passed away before she did. She was the only member of her family to have lived to an old age.