May 31, 2023
Leyla Salyamova Obituary, Russia's High Dive Champion traffic accident - Death

Leyla Salyamova Obituary, Russia’s High Dive Champion traffic accident – Death

Leyla Salyamova Death, Obituary – MOSCOW, the 13th of January /TASS/. Russian high diving champion Leyla Salyamova was only 23 years old when she was killed in a car accident on Friday, according to Stanislav Druzhinin, president of the Russian Diving Federation, who was quoted by TASS. Druzhinin shared the tragic news that our athlete Leyla Salyamova had passed away in a car accident. He highlighted that this is shocking news for us. “This is shocking news for us,” “She was just 23, and we cannot even begin to fathom the pain that must be felt by her parents and other relatives right now. My deepest condolences go out to each and every one of them “He proceeded further.

“It is vital for me to say this on behalf of the federation as well as myself: we will provide any and all aid that is required, including making the appropriate arrangements for the funeral. Concerning this issue, we are actively communicating with her family members “Druzhinin added. Dmitry Sautin, the First Vice-President of the Russian Diving Federation, has also expressed his sympathies over the terrible death of Salyamova. He stated that she was the sole female representation of the country in global high diving events. Salyamova was killed in a diving accident.

According to Sautin, who won the high dive event at the Olympics twice and was the reigning world champion, “She was a daring girl, unusual in Russia.” TASS “She served as a model for everyone to follow. She had an incredible amount of resolve, which enabled her to perform jumps from heights of up to 20 meters. She was able to put together a program that had four jumps that were of world-class standard, so it wasn’t just a single dive at 20 meters.” “She was able to compete with the strongest divers in the world, and it is impossible to say today who else in our nation can achieve that level,” Sautin stated. “It is impossible to say who else in our country can reach that level.”

“We had big goals, but fate had other things in mind, and nobody anticipated that this year would turn out the way it did. We would like to express our sympathies to the family and friends of the deceased, on behalf of both the Federation and me personally “he added. On the afternoon of January 12, 2018, a tragic car accident involving Salyamova took place on the Sortavala highway in the Republic of Karelia located in the far northern region of Russia. Salyamova was reportedly a passenger in a Mitsubishi Lancer that was involved in a collision with a Volkswagen Tiguan, as stated in a report compiled by local traffic police officers.

The collision resulted in the deaths of two people who were riding in the Mitsubishi Lancer. The second vehicle’s driver and a female passenger both sustained injuries as a result of the accident and were taken to the hospital. The office of the local prosecutor is in charge of supervising the investigation that is being conducted in order to determine what caused the unfortunate tragedy. Later, a spokesman for the local emergency services announced that the driver of the Mitsubishi Lancer had lost control of the vehicle on the highway due to the poor weather conditions. The driver then veered into the oncoming lane and collided head-on with the Volkswagen Tiguan after swerving into the oncoming lane.

“The driver of the Mitsubishi failed to take into account the weather and the conditions of the road, failed to drive at a safe pace, and lost control of the car when making a turn into the highway. The Volkswagen was involved in the accident that occurred when the car careened into the lane of oncoming traffic “as stated by the spokesperson. Salyamova won the Russian High Diving Competition in 2021 and the synchronized high dive event at the national championship in 2015, taking home the silver medal. She also holds the distinction of being the first female diver from Russia to qualify for the world championship in the high dive and to compete in the Cliff Diving World Series.