May 31, 2023
Lesley Cordero Obituary, Hamilton Ontario, has died - Death

Lesley Cordero Obituary, Hamilton Ontario, has died – Death

Lesley Cordero Obituary, Death – On January 13, 2023, we were deprived of the presence of Lesley Cordero, a native and longtime resident of Las Vegas who had reached the age of 50 at the time of her departure. It had been half a century since she first joined us. The fact that Lesley Cordero was taken away from us was a robbery. Her biological father Barry Dunigan, her maternal grandparents Courtney and Lucille Dunigan, her maternal great-grandfather Louis Becco, her uncle Robert Dunigan, and her stepfather James Johnson all passed away before she was born. Her stepfather James Johnson was also her biological father’s stepfather.

In addition to that, her maternal great-grandfather Louis Becco had already passed away prior to her birth. Her maternal great-grandfather, Louis Becco, also departed away before she was born. In addition to him, he was her maternal great-grandfather. James Johnson, her stepfather, passed away before she did; he was the only other member of her family who was still alive. Cory Cordero, her son, who currently resides in Las Vegas.

Donna Dunigan, her mother, who currently resides in Spokane, Washington; Bari McCullough, her sister, who also currently resides in Las Vegas; Charles (Patti) Dunigan, her brother, who currently resides in Clinton, Washington; Goldie Becco, her grandmother, who currently resides in Spokane; Dakota, Courtney, and Chuck, her nephews; her exe-husband, Mike Her absence is one that is keenly felt by each and every one of us.