October 1, 2023
Lenny Agrusti Obituary, Former Member Tri-Boro First Aid Squad Has Passed - Death

Lenny Agrusti Obituary, Former Member Tri-Boro First Aid Squad Has Passed – Death

Lenny Agrusti Death, Obituary – The Tri-Boro First Aid Squad is in sorrow at the loss of Lenny Agrusti, who had been a member of the organization for his entire life but passed away suddenly as a result of a terrible incident. It is unfortunate that we are the ones who must provide you with this information; but, it is required. The Agrusti family, who are now going through a terrible time, are in everyone’s thoughts and prayers at Bible Gateway as they go through this ordeal. We are sorry for the trouble that you are going through. Adjusting to life without Lenny will be challenging for everyone involved. In addition to the accomplishments outlined above, Lenny earned the distinction of being inducted into the Wayne Memorial First Aid Squad’s Hall of Honor as a Life Member.

In point of fact, he was better known for the family business that he managed for many decades and which consisted of the Colonial Grill restaurants that were located in Paterson and Wayne and which he oversaw for the majority of those years. These restaurants were located in both towns, and he was in charge of them for the majority of those years. The most of those years, he managed these restaurants, which were located in both of New Jersey’s cities, and he was there for the duration of those years. Within this organization, our collective history together spans a significant amount of time and has been marked by many achievements.

In addition, when they were younger, both of our children went to the same elementary school, so they were able to form close friendships with one another there. Lenny, it is my sincere wish and prayer that you may soon be able to unwind and find some measure of contentment. Please accept my heartfelt condolences during this trying time on behalf of Lenny’s family and friends. This is a tough moment for all of us. It was a pleasure to exercise with him and ride my bike with him because he was such a giving and charitable individual.