January 29, 2023
Larry Kreger, 82, of Liberty, PA, passed away

Larry Kreger Obituary – Death, Larry Kreger Of Liberty PA Has Passed Away

Larry Kreger Death Obituary – On the morning of January 8, 2023, at the age of 82, Larry Kreger, a resident of Liberty, Pennsylvania, died away peacefully in the company of his family at the home they shared together. At the time of his passing, he was attended to by his loved ones on both sides. Larry entered this world on a Tuesday, the 29th of October in the year 1940, in the town of Liberty, Pennsylvania. The year was 1940. Harold Cropp Kreger and Lillian Cropp Kreger are his parents, and they were the ones who gave birth to him. He was their son and heir. The marriage between Larry Kreger and Cynthia Mase Kreger lasted for a combined total of 55 years when the couple divorced.

He had spent a portion of his career in the United States Army serving in the Republic of Korea. He was a veteran of that branch of service. Prior to his retirement from Hanson Stone Quarry, he worked as a heavy equipment operator at a variety of coal mines. His most recent job was at Hanson Stone Quarry. His most recent place of employment had been in a quarry. Larry was a member of the Salem Lutheran Church in Liberty, in addition to his roles as a coach for pee-wee baseball for more than 30 years, a volunteer for 4-H for 50 years, a Mason for 50 years, and a member of the Knights of Pythias Lodge in Liberty. All of these roles were held by Larry.

In addition to that, he coached little league baseball for more than three decades. In addition to that, he coached baseball for younger players in a local league.Outdoor hobbies such as fishing, hunting, and gardening were some of Larry’s favorites to pursue when he was in the great outdoors. He placed the utmost value on the time he was able to spend with his family, particularly with his granddaughters Mackenzie Clark and Emily Clark. This was something that he cherished above all else. After Larry’s passing, the only remaining members of Larry’s immediate family are Dawn (Scott) Clark and Donald Kreger, both of whom reside in Liberty. Dawn (Scott) Clark and Donald Kreger were both born in Liberty. Both of these people are considered to be Larry’s offspring. Mackenzie and Emily Clark are his granddaughters, and they are also named after him.

He is survived by his sisters, Linda (Ralph, deceased) Gilman, Beatrice (Ross, deceased) Wilson, and Charlotte (Jim) Stevens; brothers, his twin Gary Kreger (Diane), Maynard Kreger (Sharyn), and Jim Kreger (Faye); and sisters-in-law, Bonnie Tully and Marcie (Bernie) Williams. Also surviving him are his brothers-in-law, Jim Kreger (Faye) and His brothers-in-law, Jim Kreger (Faye), and His twin brother, Gary Kreger, who is already married, and his wife’s name is Diane, are also among those who are keeping his memory alive.