October 1, 2023
King Constantine II Obituary

King Constantine II Obituary – Death, King Constantine II Has Sadly Passed Away At Age 82

King Constantine II Death, Obituary – It has come to light that King Constantine II has passed away following a long and fruitful life that brought him to the age of 82. Constantine’s reign as King of Greece spanned the time period beginning on March 6, 1964 and ending on June 1, 1973. His reign ended in 1973. His reign extended from 1964 until 1973, including 1973 itself. It was during this time that 1973 took place. He is the son of Paul I and his wife, Frederica of Hanover, and he is a second cousin twice removed of Prince Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh, through his father’s side of the family.

He is also the son of Paul I and his wife, Frederica of Hanover. His given name is Pope Paul II of the House of Habsburg. In addition to this, he is a direct descendant of both Christian IX of Denmark and Nicholas I of Russia. Nicholas I was the first Tsar of Russia. It is because of the fact that his mother was Frederica of Hanover that he is regarded as a decadent in his position as a member of the House of Hanover. Frederica was born to Princess Victoria Louise of Prussia, who was the only daughter of Kaiser Wilhelm II. Frederica was named after her father.

Frederica is a name given to her after honoring her mother. As a direct result of this, he is also eligible to make the claim that he is a descendant of Queen Victoria. His mother was Frederica, the Princess of Hanover at the time. The King is married to Anne-Marie of Denmark, who is the younger sister of Margrethe II of Denmark. The King and Queen of Denmark have two children together.

The King and Queen of Denmark are parents to two little ones thanks to their union. They tied the knot in Athens on September 18th, 1964, and as a married couple, they are the parents of five children whom they have brought up together. Princess Irene of Greece and Denmark is King Constantine’s younger sister, and in addition to being the only younger brother Queen Sofia has, he is also the only younger brother Queen Sofia has. Prince Henrik of Denmark is the proud husband of Princess Irene at the present time. The King is the sole younger brother that Queen Sofa has, and he also happens to be the King.